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JYJ Worldwide Concert The Beginning in Seoul [27 - 28 november 2010]

JYJ Worldwide Concert The Beginning in Seoul
[27 - 28 november 2010]

As i said before, when i first read about this concert couple months ago, i was upset it was that early (I planned to go in Seoul.. but in 2011 only).. my reason was telling me i couldnt go and i had to accept i wouldnt go, because it was very unreasonable for me who is living in Europe to travel again in Asia 5 months only after Tokyo Dome.. but then Daily Tofu convinced me that i should (yes yes, you did it.. lolz).. she tempted me even after i accepted the fact i couldnt go.. lolz.. and the most difficult was to tell my family about this trip.. i am not sure if they understand my love for the boys, but at least they dont question it..
Now, no matter how badly i am still suffering the withdrawal syndrom, i am glad i was part of the red ocean at Jamsil Stadium during those two wonderful nights.. nothing compares to this overwhelming feeling to make one with the boys.. i want more.. i never can get enough of it.. they're addictive and i am already fully intoxicated with their talent and charm.. i am already dreaming and anticipating for the next time.. the next meeting.. the next concert..
And honestly, once i had set my mind, nothing could have ever stopped me to attend the event.. not even the threat of war after North Korea's attack.. my only fears then was my country ambassy may ask us to leave South Korea.. but there was no way i would have left before i could attend the boys concerts.. and being there already, i couldnt feel any threat or danger in Seoul.. it was totally safe..
Also, i was very very surprised when i read what the boys had in store for us.. the flashmob.. lolz.. i am hopeless when it comes to dance and exploring Seoul by day, i was totally exhausted by the time i was back at the hotel.. but still, the boys were so serious and enthousiastic about the flashmob, i had to make the effort.. and so every night, i trained for it (dragging my sis into this) and memorized the steps for the great day.. we had a lot of fun doing it in front of the mirror.. often we were bursting into laughers, making fun of our own clumsiness..
Anyway, during the week prior to the concert, i often went to Jamsil stadium to witness the progress in the preparation.. hoping that maybe i could see the boys' rehearsal.. but I guess I was never there at the right moment..

The night before the first concert, i went to Jamsil stadium again, so i could see if the stands for the goods and the tickets were ready already.. and actually, they were still working on it.. we could also see a group of people led by a guide around the venue.. at first i thought it was tourists.. lolz.. but indeed they were the staffs for the venue, and the guide was probably explaining them how to help the fans the day after..

The venue the day before the concert

Saturday 27th November 2010 ~ First day of the concert..
I woke up very very very early to make sure i'll be in time for the goods and for my tickets.. when i arrived at Sports Complex subway station, we could see it would be soon more lively that the previous days.. there was already stands selling JYJ or TVXQ goods (from inside the subway station till the stadium)... and a banner showing you the way to Heaven, named Jamsil Stadium for two nights..

JYJ banner.. under the bad weather then

actually, there were not that many fans yet when i arrived.. but everything went wrong for me.. once there, i realized i forgot my camera at the hotel.. i only had my handphone with me, so i had to go back there.. and that morning, the weather was absolutely awful (then i didnt imagine that this awful weather caused the stadium roof to collapse, crushing our boys beautiful dreams and expectations.. i am still very very upset about it.. i can never forget Jae's tweets and Junsu's words.. i cant hold back the tears and my heart aches just remembering them..).
well, so i had to go back at the hotel and when walking from Yeoksam subway station to the hotel, a sort of melted snow was falling.. because of it, i arrived to my room totally wet and i needed to dry my clothes and shoes.. a nightmare.. but i wouldnt let this ruin my wonderful day.. anyway, so when everything was fine again (and the sun finally shining in the sky), i headed back to Jamsil stadium cursing myself for having walked out during the worst time of the "storm"..

Poster on the venue

Stands selling unofficial goods

Once back at the stadium, the venue was already filled with so many cassies, i-cassies and bigeasts (on a side note, i'd like to defend bigeast support for the boys.. their support is amazing.. you could hear people speaking japanese as much as people speaking korean around the venue.. fans with bigeast towels, Tohoshinki concert bags.. thanksgiving live concert bags.. japanese flags.. you could feel and see japanese presence.. besides, while i was waiting for the goods, i was surrounded with japanese fans, one of them even proposed me to share her hot cake with me (as it was very cold).. very sweet of her^^..)..

Cassies everywhere on the venue

anyway, arrived near the goods stands after waiting for hours, i was disappointed to see that many goods were already sold out.. i could only get the tee-shirt, the 3D clear file set and the tumbler.. the rest was already gone.. even the official red stick was sold out (during the concert, i realized that not so many people had the official red stick.. most of us had the one sold outside in the subway station and around the venue).. and i didnt have much more luck the second day.. waiting for hours in line, i waited for nothing, as it was sold out when i almost reached the stands.. i am glad they're selling the official goods online now, so i can buy the missing ones.. its so important to keep everything that will remind me i was there that wonderful weekend of november..


The goods, the unofficial red stick, the MakingOff/DVD & The New Beginning + poster..

anyway, while i was lining up for the goods, i let my sis get the tickets and wait in line for the Making off + DVD + The Beginning album.. so I could get my copy of it.. thanks God for it..

Tickets for the 27 november concert

Tickets for the 28 november

also, while i was waiting for the goods, suddenly we heard I.D.S (if i remember well) playing.. the boys were onstage for a rehearsal.. i couldnt leave my place in the waiting line, even though i wanted to rush and get a glimpse of them already.. my sis who was already done getting the Making off/DVD could go there and see though..).. so lucky..

anyway, so then i stayed around the venue and i finally could see this beautiful bus with Jaejoong on it.. everyone was taking pictures of it.. from every angles.. so i did the same too.. and i must say kuddos to Jae's fans who had this wonderful idea and had it done (i am glad Jaejoong saw it and was very moved by it.. he should realize how important he is for us.. how much we love him.. he deserves all this love and attention).. it was such a wonderful way to promote the concert all around the city (even though i personally only saw the bus at the venue..).

we love you Jaejoong.. I am with you wherever you are

Fans donate rice

there was also those big balloons with Junsu's name on them.. but there was so much wind, i thought the guy holding them would start flying with them.. kinda scary..

struggling with Junsu's big balloons

anyway, so we waited at the venue for the debut of the concert.. taking pictures and looking around, admiring the venue and excited to see it so lively (you must go there during the week and then for the concerts to see the difference.. you wouldnt recognize the place), with so many fans, camping there, eating, screaming, excited and full of anticipation for the great event to come.. a melting pot of fans coming from every corner of the world.. fanboys and fangirls.. very young fans and a bit older ones.. its awesome to see such a diversity in the fandom.. well, because i remembered Jaejoong's advices about coming dressed warmly, i also bought those blankets they were selling outside the venue (as i couldnt get the official one)..

unofficial blankets

anyway, after eating a bit, we decided to look for the stadium entry to join our seats.. i remember i found it without problems in Tokyo Dome.. but Jamsil is huge, and the stadium plan is totally different from the seating plan we could see on interpark.. so i asked a staff around, but she couldnt speak english well, she could only speak korean and japanese.. so she just pointed out the way to me.. she was very very nice though.. but in the end, we kept asking the staffs people till we could finally find the way... everyone having a seat in the floor gates were entering by the same door.. so the queue was long.. very very long and we were totally squeezed - and i was scared that my goods would be smashed.. lolz..

the long queue to enter the stadium

anyway, when i finally found my seat, then only i realized there was no dome under the stadium.. i didnt read about the weather disaster which happened the night before the concert.. i didnt know about it and was wondering the reason why they removed it.. but we could see the cables where the boys were supposed to arrive by.. i think *dayum.. its so heartbreaking just thinking about it.. so heartbreaking they couldnt do everything they planned and rehearsed for.. so heartbreaking, because we witnessed how excited they were about it.. and their beautiful dreams were crushed in just one night.. why is life always so unfair to them*..

Sitting comfortably in my chair, i admired the awesome stage and everything around.. taking few pictures.. then the lights went off and the boys arrived accompanied with our screams of happiness.. Jaejoong started talking (and he looked soooooo gorgeous and young with his new haircut), then Junsu and Yoochun talked a bit too.. sadly, i didnt understand what they said then.. but i guessed they came onstage to explain about the roof and the delay..

lovely JaeJae

then they left again, and the flashmob started playing and replaying on the big screen.. the fan sitting just before me was doing it perfectly, so i was also following what she was doing (she was so hyper, she nearly broke her red stick bumping it against the seat before her.. lolz).. it was fun and a great exercize before the real deal.. lolz.. besides, while we were dancing, it kept us warm, waiting for our sunshines to appear onstage again..

flashmob playing on the big screen

anyway, suddenly all the lights went off again, and we heard Yoochun's voice "Girl i sweaaaar".. so we all screamed... haha.. it was finally the beginning of this amazing concert.. and you can imagine how loud we were all screaming "let it go.. let it go" during the chorus of the song.. lolz.. then there was the new song I.D.S... i love a lot this song, its very catchy.. after you listen it once, you have it in mind for long.. indeed all their new songs are amazing and i am impatient for the release of their new album!!.. i so love the deep meaning behind Nine *sorry if my heart may sound biased, but what can i do.. Jae stole it long time ago and he never gave it back to me.. lolz*, Fallen Leaves, Pierrot.. the boys are such talented artists, giving you such intense emotions while they're performing.. while listening those songs, i didnt know the meaning yet, but i could feel the intensity in the boys voice, eyes and expression.. for Pierrot, it was easier to understand as some lyrics are in english (and written on the big screen to sing along).. Pierrot, an ode to their rights for freedom..

Not the best fancam.. its very shaky.. just for my very own satisfaction and memory.. lolz..
not so long after the start of the concert, Jaejoong came onstage for his first solo "Still in love".. the first day, I felt there was a looooot of Jaejoong's fans in the stadium.. so yeah, they (we) went totally crazy screaming loudly when one of the dancers stripped him *hyperventilating then*.. and screamed even louder when another dancer was all over him, touching his body at some indecent places.. lolz.. we almost died then.. dying of envy and jealousy.. haha.. and later during the concert, for the dancers parts, when she appeared on screen, fans screamed (not from happiness to see her.. lolz).. we remembered how she freely and shamelessly touched our JaeJae's body.. lolz *kidding of course*.. "Still in love" performance was awesome.. but when it comes to Jae's solo.. to the boys solo overall.. in my heart, nothing can come close to "For you it's goodbye".. it was the highlight of the concert.. the feel of this song reminds me of Insa.. despite the cold, i felt so warm while listening Jaejoong performing.. totally captivated, his voice sent me to Heaven and i couldnt take my eyes off of the screen.. i couldnt move anymore, the emotions then were too intense.. during the song, you could see dancers hanging on drapes and moving like those circus artists.. it was absolutely beautiful, but my eyes were totally on Jaejoong.. "For you it's goodbye" is my absolute favorite song from SKKS OST.. when i first listened it, my anticipation to see Jae performing this song live was immense.. and i cant describe with words the feelings and emotions he gave me those two days.. Jae's voice is a gift from Heaven.. on 27th, in the end of the song, fans were chanting Kim Jaejoong.. he looked like a prince with the white outfit and the golden cape.. so gorgeous (also, i remember that during one of the talk, he played with his cape.. pretending to fly just like Superman.. haha.. for sure he is our Superman)..

someone was singing besides me.. hope we dont listen too much

Actually, "For you it's goodbye" is part of the orchestra moment during the concert.. a wonderful moment started by Junsu as orchestra conductor.. and then you cannot not think of his Mozart.. Junsu is grand.. such an awesome and talented performer.. and i soooo love his "too love".. lolz.. and its during this orchestra part that we all sang Chajatta along with the boys the first night.. Saranghae nul saranghaeeeee~.. Chajatta, nae gyutae dool han saram~ .. when the boys were talking about SungKyunKwan Scandal, the camera focused on Yoo Ah In and Song Joong Ki on 27th (Joong Ki probably read Jae's advice and didnt forget to put on many layers of clothes), while Kang Sung Pil was there on 28th.. those guys are such great friends, being there to support Yoochun.. and the fans showed their appreciation and happiness, screaming loudly when they appeared onscreen.. i am proud to be part of this fandom and how everyone gives love and respect to the friends of our boys.. i believe they must be impressed..
Yoochun's solo songs were wonderful.. i love the song "i love u", and i must say it sounds even better performed live.. it gives another feel.. but his solo piano "drunken truth" came as a surprise.. it has this melancholic feel of a lonely night.. but we were all there to accompany him on this song.. really beautiful..

Anyway, i must say the choregraphy for the catchy songs were damn hot with the boys moves.. Junsu is Junsu, amazing dancer.. but i must say Jae and Yoochun did a great effort.. their dance skills improved a lot.. and the cameraman was a tease during "Be My Girl" baby baby baby baby~ focusing only Junsu's hips.. lolz.. killing the fans with hotness overload lolz (the second day, i felt there was a lot of Junsu's fans.. so you can imagine the screams during this moment).. and this same day, the cameraman focused once on Jae's hips, so it was my turn to scream like a crazy girl, faint and fly to Jae's Heaven *OMG sun.. hyperventilating*.. haha..
And during the dancers moments, Junsu showed everyone his amazing athletic skills.. this boy is really something.. so full of talent when it comes to sing and dance.. i have no doubt he would also be a great actor (after all, he had to act in Mozart)..

near the end of the concert, it was time for the flashmob.. lolz.. i dont know who came up with the idea, but i must say its an awesome idea.. i believe all of us were very excited by it, but sadly the lack of space between the chairs limited our moves.. we couldnt do all the steps and moves properly because of it, but still we tried our best and i am impatient to see it in DVD to see our performance there.. lolz.. i hope the boys are proud of us, because we worked very hard..
anyway, the end of the concert came too fast on 27th.. no matter how much we shouted "encore", there was no encore that day.. probably because it was very late already.. the boys left with Yoochun saying "i love you guys", Junsu and Jae "saranghae".. that day, due to the weather disaster, the boys were not able to do everything they prepared.. reading Jae's tweets after it, we could feel how sorry, upset and heartbroken he was about it.. but he should know that all what we need is to see them performing onstage.. they dont need special effects or anything fancy, their presence and talent are outstanding already.. many times during their talk, they talked about the cold.. and as answer, we were chanting "kenchana".. this concert was amazing.. and when Jae said they would give us an even better performance the day after, i didnt imagine it was possible.. but they really did it.. saturday was great, but sunday was amazing.. they must have worked so hard between those two performances..

Saturday 28th November 2010 ~ Second day of the concert..
This part will be shorter as I will only talk about the differences between both days..
that day again, i arrived early as i wanted to try my luck again with the goods.. but that day again, i was unlucky, waiting for hours, only to have the same outcome in the end.. close to the stands to be said all the goods were sold out already.. so we all left the line.. and i had to wait for 1pm to get the tickets for the concert.. it was funny, because we were all approaching the stands with our interpark papers, and the people were showing us one finger saying "1 pm".. that day, i didnt stay wandering around the venue.. we took our time to go and eat at Coex (on the concert venue, there was a KFC.. but i didnt feel like eating there.. lolz), before coming back later for the concert.. and that day, it was much easier to enter the stadium.. a better organization i think.. that day was better.. even the weather was not as cold as the night before.. finally Heaven was with our boys.. and they gave us an awesome performance that night, and i am so impatient for the release of the DVD of the concert.. definitely a must have..
anyway, when we finally reached our seats.. two k-cassies looked at my sis and me.. and after a little while, they asked us where we were from.. they were quite shocked when we told them.. lolz.. and later, another k-cassie arrived and sat besides me.. she came alone at the concert, so we started discussing a bit together.. she was also Jaejoong biased.. and she even gave a blanket to my sis and me so we wouldnt be cold.. at first, we didnt dare to accept, but she insisted so of course we couldnt refuse her kindness.. she was very very nice...

somehow, the atmosphere that day was very different from the day before.. the performances were as amazing, but everything else was warmer and hotter.. the fans never missed the chance to stand up and dance whenever they could.. and when the boys went around the stadium for Chajatta, we all climbed on our chairs to see them better and sing along with them (and until i read Ces fanaccount, i honestly didnt know where was Yoochun at this moment.. lolz).. because i could only see Jaejoong and Junsu on the cart (or whatever we call this..).. and this moment was awesome and exciting.. it was definitely a great idea to go around the stadium singing.. and stop on the stage right in front of the fans sitting in the back section of the stadium.. once there, Junsu started talking.. i dont know what he said, but then we all started chanting "Saranghae".. the moment was so powerful and moving then.. Junsu stopped talking to listen.. i'll never forget the boys eyes, their expression then.. we could feel how deeply touched they were.. and i am glad Jaejoong talked about it later on twitter.. even now, remembering the intensity of this moment, i feel overwhelmed with the same emotion.. after this talk, on this same stage, they sang "fallen leaves".. wonderful and powerful moment.. a memory i'll never forget..
also, while they were going around the stadium, we did the flashmob.. then again, i couldnt say if it was a success or not.. but everyone was sooo serious about it.. the cassies besides me was waiting anxiously for the waves to come to us.. checking right and left to see where it will be coming from.. lolz.. we worked really hard, so i hope the result is up to the boys expectations.. dont they know we would do anything for them.. and seeing them so enthousiastic when they talk about it on twitter, we had to make them proud.. anything to make them happy..

This day also, there was something they didnt do the night before.. the interactive table talk.. the boys commenting on some pictures they posted on twitter.. i so hate myself for not having learnt more diligentely korean.. of course i didnt understand what the boys were saying and why k-cassies were laughing.. but everyone's laugher was contagious.. and i was laughing too.. lolz.. they commented on Junsu's topless picture, on Yoochun's sleeping one.. on Leo.. i dont know if its just me, but i felt they didnt comment that much on Jae's pictures indeed (and God knows he posted many on twitter.. lolz).. so fans asked for some JiJi's pictures.. lolz.. this little cat is as famous and loved as his master.. i guess we feel envious of his privileges (who doesnt want to sleep on Jae's laps, right..), yet sorry for him when his master treats him as a human.. lolz.. but they didnt show any JiJi's pictures this time...

During another talk, suddenly the k-cassies besides me said "snow".. i didnt notice it that much near me.. but around the boys, i could see it.. somehow i thought it was for the show :huh: but it was not.. it was for real.. it was so romantic that we witnessed the first snowfall together with the boys.. whatever comes their way, good or bad, we'll be together with them.. i believe this snow falling must be a good omen.. Heaven must protect our boys..
That night, unlike the night before, the boys came back for a encore.. with "be the one" and "empty remix".. it was hot and exciting.. and we were all standing up on our chairs, we didnt want to miss anything of the very last minutes of the concert.. so we sang and danced on our chair like crazy.. but when the confetti started falling and the boys left, we knew it was the end.. bittersweet feeling.. its just too difficult to let them go without knowing when we'll see them again.. and from the minute the concert ended, i started feeling the withdrawal syndrom.. i wanted more of course.. i can never get enough.. the concert was absolutely wonderful.. such an amazing and intense experience.. memories of it will remain in my heart and mind forever.. something i want to feel again.. and i am glad they will bring this concert worldwide.. if they come to Europe (and it seems like they will), i'll definitely be part of the red ocean.. i dont want to miss the opportunity to see them again if they come so close to me..
against all odds, the boys gave us the best.. i feel so proud of them.. so proud to be one of their fans.. i feel those events drew us closer.. the bond tying us to the boys got stronger.. we started walking this treacherous path together with the boys and we'll walk it together till the very end.. the boys will be fine, they're true fighters and they have an unwavering support and unconditionnal love from their fans..

See you soon... JYJ hwaiting!!!

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